The Agreement

Hello! I am an absolute novice in terms of this blogging business, but I have decided I want to fit into this online system somewhere – outside Facebook and Instagram. I want to start a blog where I can write about what I want and gain insight about myself as a person on paper. I won’t claim to be the best writer, but I hope expression translates and my points are clear (at least occasionally).

This blog is really just for me, I want to start something and see it through. I called it the life contract because I am 20, and I’m uninspired. I have just finished my second year of university and find myself with 3 very long summer months ahead of me. This blog is a contract with myself, as I want to write down my thoughts, see a progression of them, and ultimately learn something about myself – if I can learn from others along the way that would be a bonus.

I really enjoy writing, I have started two novels with great intentions, that slowly dwindled to weak excuses. I love beauty and makeup related things – I watch a few YouTubers and read a few bloggers in that field of interest. I am a fairly opinionated person, on world issues, social issues, all the good stuff. This year I also flatted for the first time, so I had to learn to cook pretty promptly so my 4 flatmates wouldn’t suffer.

So I guess here will lie an eclectic mix of whatever is happening in my life and whatever crosses my mind to write about. I might share some passages from my novels, or a review of a product, or a rockin’ recipe. I guess we will just see, but I hereby agree to maintain this blog at least for the next three months.

Welcome to The Life Contract.

Signed, Hannah 

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