What Friends Taught Me

Friends was my childhood. I have watched every single episode at least 5 times over. When I was 10, in 2004, the last episode came out. Everywhere I went, so did my portable DVD player with my full 10 season disc sets that my Dad had gotten me overseas in Thailand. I still think Friends is the best TV show ever created; from Chandler’s awkward but witty one-liners, to Rachel’s romantic blunders with Ross.

Friends taught me the foundation of my sexual education. In ‘The One With The Cake’, Phoebe does a spontaneous reading for Emma at her 1st birthday party and begins reading “Sex and the single mother. Finding your G-spot.” Everyone in the scene reacts with rounds of “NOOOOOO!” and I was pretty stumped I must admit. I was probably around 9 years old and a thinker. I pondered this so-called “G-spot” for a while but decided there were no clues in the name. These were really the days before Google was a big thing so I did what I thought was best – I waited until I was in the car with my Mum on the way to the Supermarket and amongst the silence my squeeky voice suddenly asked “Mum, what’s a G-Spot?”. Within 0.572 seconds we had pulled over onto a taxi stand and her face read – Holy Shit. Perched on the curb of Allen Street, my mother had to explain to me that special spot. Cheers Friends.

Phoebe taught me that to have the most fun, you can’t care what others think of you. She often relays funny stories of her life from where she was homeless, using drugs, getting in street fights – though that doesn’t sound particularly funny out of context (I’m not a sadist I swear!). She runs like she did when she was a kid, arms and legs spinning out at all angles with a grin on her face, through Central Park without a care in the world. Phoebe was the one that called people on their shit. Maybe she influenced me to do the same. As I said in my previous post, I’m fairly opinionated. To add to that, my greatest drive in my opinions is injustice. Injustice makes me so mad, even in the sense where a friend will make a decision that is morally wrong, I see it as unjust and undermining to all the people that make the harder but just decisions. Phoebe taught me how to have a broader life perspective.

Joey and Chandler taught me that you can be big grown up kids at the age of 30. Watching them make forts, play Foosball, and get excited over La-Z-Boy Chairs, made me excited to grow up, not afraid. In real life, you see people walking around in suits and looking stern, yet through J&C I could see how there was so much fun to be had. They were best friends that always had each other’s backs. Their friendship taught me what I wanted to have in my own. I have a best friend now that took me years to find, but is the best ever.

Obviously, Friends couldn’t teach me everything, but it gave me some important clues to life. Even in my low moments, Friends can often bring me out of that wee slump and remind me of things that are worth being reminded of; friends, family and laughing. Everyone should make some space for Friends in their own life contract.

Signed, Hannah 


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