The Life Cycle

I love change. I am always looking forward to the next stage or phase of my life because it means I have accomplished the current part.

In the education system, I was always eager to move up. Primary became intermediate, intermediate became high school, high school became university. Now I’m in my third year of my degree, and all I want is to join the workforce. I can only assume from there I will want to move up through the ranks. I’m not sure if marriage and kids is for me, but most people would then look to that as their next phase. This constant progression gives us a sense of direction and achievement – do we only do it to ignore a potential existential crisis?

My friendships go through a similar cycle, they either blossom or perish. With each ‘death’, makes me consider the changes I need to make before accepting the next ‘life’. Same with my relationships I suppose, each one is a journey that provides a lesson.

I just don’t want to be in a rush. I don’t want to ignore the present and only work towards the future. I don’t want to miss anything. My memory is generally not very good so it is important I take the time to stop and breathe and remember.

Signed, Hannah 


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