So there I was, minding my business at work (over the summer I am selling cherries) and I was adjusting a sign on a nearby lamp post when an elderly woman comes up to me asking to take down the sign as I was defacing public property. I told her very politely that in fact I had council permission to hang my sign up, and she started to get really angry and said she would cut it down herself and then she would cut me! When I started to take down the sign, she started screaming that yesterday kids were killed because of a sign like mine, proceeded to yell that I was a murderous bitch and that I killed her children, and came at me! She slapped and punched me round the head while I tried to take down this sign! Luckily, this was the moment my parents drove up to drop me off some warmer clothes and my mum came racing over to help me! I had taken a few steps away from the lady and she kept trying to come at me – she was wearing gloves so the blows didn’t really hurt but she stopped and started screaming at my mum that she also was a murdering bitch!? Meanwhile, my Dad who is on crutches is across the road waving his crutches around yelling at her that he is calling the police! The lady (if you can call her that) starts yelling about how we stole money from her bank account!!! She clearly was a bit mentally ill or a bit funny in one way or another but it really had me shaking, I was crying and trembling out of pure shock! Packed up my cherries and took the day off – not the best day ever to be honest!

Signed, Hannah 


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