I have never in my life been completely financially independent. The world has changed, for my generation it is near impossible to get further education without someone backing you. I’m 20 years old, at the University of Auckland and my student loan is building. My parents have decided to cut me off this year, which means I’ll have a flat to pay for, bills, food, petrol, and expensive papers to complete. According to my calculations, I will spend about $11,200 on renting a flat, $3000 on food, $1200 on petrol (if I’m good), and $8000 on university. Currently, in my bank account I have $8000. When I actually start university for the year, I will get $170 a week for “living expenses” which will not only NOT cover what I need, but will eventually have to be repaid plus interest.

I’m yet to find a part-time job, even though I have enough experience. Even if I do find one, involuntarily it will be taxed to pay back my loan for me already. I am yet to even find a place to live.

What I guess I’m stumped about is – all I’m trying to do is benefit society by being well-educated and useful. For that, I’m being expected to pay something well beyond what I am capable of and feeling miserable because of it.

I know in the States university costs a lot more, and a lot of people have it far worse off than I do. I guess I just feel like my transition to adulthood has been abrupt. I haven’t avoided facing facts or been unrealistic, but I guess it is now just staring me in the face. There is zero money going into my account, and a lot being taken out of it.

I guess I need to learn how to budget, and quickly.

Signed, Hannah 


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