A Close

So here I meet a juncture. The three month goal I set for myself is over – university starts tomorrow, bringing the summer break to a close. It was a summer of self-discovery, and I can only hope I have come out stronger, wiser and proud of myself.

I’ve settled into a new flat with a group of girls who seem to be lovely and chilled, with lots of their own things going on. I feel confident working at my new job, and have organised it around my uni schedule so hopefully that’ll help with stress about money. From months of feeling like a flounder, with no security, I have come full circle, with a better understanding of what I want and who I want to be.

By no means do I want this blog to lose momentum (not that it had much to begin with, let’s be honest), but I think it is time I re-evaluate what my next juncture will be. Ultimately, I want to meet more people. I want to learn more from others and widen my circle of friends. I want to find someone or something truly worthy of awe.

It seems greedy and pretentious written in front of me like that. I suppose what I mean to say is, I have successfully negotiated the basics to be satisfactory, and I want to build on them with passion and endeavour.

I want to do well at university, which means I need to try and try hard. I want to put myself in the way of beauty and appreciate it, capture, through words or paint. Which means, I need to paint. I need to pick up my brush and do some bloody strokes.

More effort is probably required in my long distance friendships, and in my geographically aligned ones too if I’m honest. Get up early, do something productive, and contact others before they have to contact you.

Right – before this sounds like a telling off to myself, I shall depart. I suppose to any people that actually read this, hello! Sorry for only really addressing myself but I’ll be posting a wee bit more with perhaps some real content soon!

Signed, Hannah 


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