Surrounded by Disregard

I don’t know how to describe how I’m feeling other than disregarded. Every time I do my best, give my all, truly care, I am left alone. I have been taken from and disregarded time after time and I am the common denominator. It must be me. I am a walking invisible target. Why do I care, when I should expect disregard by now. I am a good friend, I lend advice, I am present in the moment, I am kind. When I rarely, rarely need help or attention, eyes glaze over. No one cares. No one has anything to give me. My mind is dark, and I don’t think anyone understands the shade.


2 thoughts on “Surrounded by Disregard

  1. I understand how you are feeling and to a degree can strongly relate. Luckily I held on as what I now have is glimses and moments of hapiness, days of bright sunshine amongst the daekness, love and warmth despite cold feet. I never believed this would have been achieved or available to a person like me but it is finally my turn and every day now different opposed to the dark same……keep fighting for the opportunity you deserve…happiness in every which way 🙂


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