The Cloud

It’s not over but I know it could be. Panic, sadness and drowsiness. All at once, so sleep is not in the stars for me.

When you love in this realm, and told you might not be worth it, the shades and the shapes change. Shadows flicker and what you have come to value escapes you. My breath is hard to catch and the tears keep flowing. Everything was given, my heart has touched another’s palm. It’s a gift I didn’t want back, but maybe I wasn’t clear. Complaints I made seem petty, fights echo and I can feel my hand reaching out and being met with a recoil.

I need my rock, but the rock doesn’t want to be a rock anymore. It wants to be a cloud, but the fog doesn’t leave my head. I love I love I love, and I need it back. I would never want to be a cloud unless we are clouds together.

I don’t know how I’ll ever feel like I didn’t hear the words.


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