Something I learnt in my marketing course this semester is that

values underpin attitudes. 

What that means in a marketing context, is that consumer’s who have values about certain aspects of life, will therefore have attitudes towards certain products. However, I can apply that simply to my life. Looking back on this blog, I can see that I am a pessimistic person, sometimes with good reason. What I am worried about – is that my resting attitude towards everything will be negative. I do not want to be a negative person. If my attitudes are not good ones, then there is something wrong with my values. I have always prided myself on my moral code, but maybe I should look at the word value more.

What do I value? What adds value to my life?

I have opportunities. I have people that love me. I have a (fairly) healthy family dynamic. I have a best friend. I have goals. I have the means to help me reach my goals.

I was listening to a comedian the other day, and he was making fun at people who complain about flying on planes with noisy babies, or seat kickers, or bad food. He made the point that, YOU ARE LITERALLY FLYING THROUGH THE AIR LIKE A SUPERHERO. YOU SHOULD BE IN AWE AT WHAT IS OCCURRING. YOU ARE DEFYING GRAVITY. And he’s right. So much is taken for granted. I need to look up, look around, and be thankful. I will be so much more at peace with focusing on what I do have, as opposed to what I do not have.

Signed, Hannah


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