When one finds themself to be free of a partnership, it is a liberating and difficult time. Getting out of a ten month relationship is an unusual experience, I find myself thinking of things that I want to tell that person or I look around my room and I see reminders of memories. Yet, when something ends in a natural way, how can it be upsetting? I have always wanted to strive for the best and work hard for it, and I could see in this relationship that no matter how much I poured in, it couldn’t be reciprocated. Giving up, walking away, or simply not hiding from the truth or rejection, is not failure. It is healthy to recognise situations as unhealthy or one’s you shouldn’t be a part of anymore. I think the key lesson I found in it, is that loving someone who does not love themself will not ever work, not for me. I need happiness and positivity and confidence. I realise this cannot be constant, but consistent is good.

At least I know what I want, and I feel a sense of self-worth about it.


5 thoughts on “Single

  1. My best friend just broke up with her boyfriend, but for her it was because she doesn’t love herself. I truly believe you’re only capable of honestly loving someone else, after confidently being able to realize you love yourself and everything you come with. Life is so hard! Haha and it’s even harder figuring out the right things to do.


    • I agree with you completely. For me, I saw this person not be happy internally and it killed me, so I looked to myself to help that change but some people don’t want help. However, I hope your friend finds her confidence xx

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