I wash the colours through my eye line

they spread and embed

it is so hard when there’s no line to distinguish;

it all merges.

but sometimes the freedom is the density

and the simplicity is the light wash.

when I edge nearer to an undefinable nuance

I am all in but I foresee the dark becoming darker

and then just dark.

the gradient is not a gradient no more



Sexuality is a funny thing. I’ve definitely thought about it a fair bit in the past, but I have never really been able to put my finger on what I am exactly.

I’ve only ever had hetero relationships, and exiting my last I realised that at 21, if I don’t explore my sexuality now, I may not get to if I meet someone serious soon. So, I told all my friends that I am bicurious. Which, I am I suppose. That’s the best way to put it. I have never been attracted to any of my girl friends but I think that’s because I never wanted to be. Now I’m talking to the most amazing girl, and the tone is different.

WISH ME LUCK. I need it!

Signed, Hannah