Art is

Art is a way of proving your existence – Humans of New York post

Art is in everything and everywhere, it is the way you talk to a friend and offer the arrangement of words that change their course. It is the way you breathe in the first winter crisp air and feel it in the back of your nose. The way you doodle a love note to someone, or the inevitable loss of something you never remembered to expect. That feeling of utter grief or utter happiness, the way you conduct your mind and actions. Art is the peace, the unity and the in between grey spaces. The spaces that bleed and need attention. Art is the tiny crack in the concrete path, the etched existence of someone and something. It’s the lingered look in the direction of someone you have never met and never will. Art is the will of change and the intent of an idea. It doesn’t have to be executed, it just has to be thought of and passed on. That’s just it, life is constant, and you don’t have to be here for it. Life will continuously happen but we are temporary, if you can offer art to the world at least it is some form of thought and some form of consideration. Art proves you were here, and while you are here you may need to see some beauty.


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