She looked me in the eyes and said “I’m scared of commitment, so I hope this can be casual”

She was walking along next to me on the beach, excitedly telling me about the tattoo she was planning to get



You’ll have to try harder than that,

I’m not opposed to the fact,


I’ll have to share

but please show a little care,

with me

When the walls come down

you’ll get a glimpse

into my abandoned town


I want to cut down your middle

with a pair of scissors

and peel back the skin

to see if you’re made of feathers

or steel. 

I want to be in your eyes

and see what colours

you see in,

is it dark? I feel like it would be

dark red, dark blue, dark grey.

when you touch me

do you catch your breath

in your throat

because you need me

or fear yourself