1000s of selves

Lying stagnant until called upon

There are 1000s of selves

Not one cohesive unit of reaction

But multiple identities wrapped up in one

Waiting for the opportunity to greet

And be seen.

It’s rather scary that there may be a new self

That is uncovered is the new territories

What if I don’t like them

What if I I don’t like me.



I want to scream with happiness

That my body can hardly take it

That the feeling is so overwhelming it feels like I have a glow

Coming through me right in the centre

I don’t want it to be fleeting

I want it to overtake all the tiny things

And transpire and transform

The gold lining

Forget silver

I can feel my sense of self moving

I have no control

It spirals and swoops

I’m not sure where it’s taking me

But I want to follow it without question

Free me