help me

help me lose myself

in your words of wonderment

and skin of silk.

i know not what you feel

or who you touch

or why you touch them,

but i want your hands on me 

around my middle

with lips on my lobe

whispering sweetness and honesties.

help me be mazeless

strip me of the walls

until i’m lying naked

and free

and you possess me 


Lied to

I don’t like being lied to,

And I know you lied to me.

You think you’re so clever,

and you think you can still claim my trust.

You’re wrong.

I see you,

I see your manipulation and your

vindictive side.

You’ll make a great lawyer.

I see why you chose that

Because you never let yourself be to blame –

When you’re the one with the plan –

The one who knows exactly how to get their way.

I see you for exactly what you are,

Don’t think that I don’t.