last week i felt something creep up on me

after lying with you staring into your eyes

i found myself thinking of what this might be.

it was slower than normal

but i needed that.

last time my heart was shredded on stage,

and i can’t have that happen again.

i was happy with the rhythm we had found together,

until you asked me what we were.

i had to answer that honestly,

since my tongue had been in someone else’s mouth not 24 hours before.

we were just dating

to me at that stage.

you asked me if i wanted to just be yours

and for you to just be mine.

i told you no,

for no reason but that i don’t want to be put

in my place

where my cheeks burned with torture and embarrassment

with disappointment and disdain.

it had nothing to do with you

i was just trying selfish on for size.

it felt really good for a moment,

it fit me well.

but then you said you didnt want to see me again

and i understand why

but now i think of her again and how much she

broke me, after all the promises that she wouldn’t.

i felt something creep up on me

but it was just me

telling me to be alone.

then i vanished.

me me me

i i i



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